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Alignment & Engagement

clientuploads/Purchased Images/Fotalia/Fotolia_44183666_XS mod1.pngOur experience working with large stakeholder groups has given us a great gift. We have become particularly adept at engaging and reconciling the positions, needs and insights of diverse stakeholder communities to build crystal clear, broadly supported positions that enable the focus needed for successful execution.

Many of our engagements are highly consultative, with a great deal of emphasis on integrating input from stakeholder communities whose expertise, long-term support, and ownership of the outcomes are so essential for the engagement’s ultimate success.

We have a proven ability to harvest insight from a wide cross section of diverse stakeholders and lead them to clear, broadly supported conclusions, decisions, positions or plans of action.

This consultative, orientation shapes our approach to most tasks we perform for our clients but we also offer a well-honed alignment-building process that lets us tackle most projects that involve complex stakeholder engagement challenges. These include visioning, recommendation development. decision-making, economic development, community engagement, portfolio design and strategic planning projects.

Depending on the specific situation the process might include:

  • Structured Private Interviews
  • Focus Group Facilitation
  • Internet & Telephone Surveys
  • Public Open Houses
  • Peer & Precedent Research
  • Stakeholder Documenfation Reviews
  • Input Synthesis & Analysis
  • Stakeholder Workshops