Is it raining where you are?Ride those winds of change!Insert your

Is it raining where you are?

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Ride those winds of change!

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Big Picture

clientuploads/Chinook Images/Big Picture Widgets.pngEvery business needs a big picture! One that explains, in a nutshell, what the business is trying to achieve.

A small business’ Big Picture may mostly serve to remind its owner-operator why they’re dealing with the daily hurly-burly of running their business.

For larger businesses the Big Picture will act as a key alignment tool; communicating overarching goals and providing a high level framework for prioritization, resourcing and other planning discussions.

Chinook Solutions’ Big Picture helps its clients to ‘start with and keep the end in mind’ by clarifying their intentions as an arrow aimed at the target their vision represents. The arrow, with corporate mission and values as a foundation, sets out strategic goals as a sequence of overlapping steps. It can later provide the basis for more detailed planning.


What is the company’s ambition? What does it want to achieve? (For mission-focused organizations the vision may be about adapting to a changing world)

Goals & Strategies:

What steps will the company take to achieve its vision?


What does the company ‘do for a living’? (This rarely changes)


What does the company believe in? What makes it who it is?