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Is it raining where you are?

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Ride those winds of change!

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Since 1999 we have had the distinct pleasure of working with great people in all types of unique organizations. Our consulting clients represent the best from a wide variety of industry sectors. Follow the links (or use the menus) to learn more about our memorable clients in each sector:


Small and medium-sized businesses make quick decisions while struggling with strategic and operational challenges. We develop long-term relationships that permit us to temporarily plug competency gaps, act as a trusted advisor and deliver affordable fee-for-service solutions. Memorable clients include:
Agricultural Sector Clients AGRICULTURAL
We have worked throughout Western Canada’s Agricultural value chain from primary producers through service providers, associations and sector financiers. Memorable clients include:
Aviation Clients AVIATION
Chinook’s intimate and long-term knowledge of the aviation industry stems from our founder’s earlier career in the Aircraft Manufacturing and Air Traffic Management sectors. Memorable clients include:
Economic Development Clients ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT
Our visioning, strategy mapping and alignment services have helped broad and diverse groups of stakeholders to craft shared ways forward for developing economic progress. Memorable clients include:
Education Sector Clients EDUCATION
Education clients enjoy Chinook’s ability to engage diverse stakeholders in building clear and broadly supported project outcomes. We have worked with provincial departments and school boards as well as organizations dedicated to raising awareness of specific issues. Memorable clients include:
Energy Sector Clients ENERGY
Oil, gas, coal, electricity and renewables. Energy is at the very heart of Western Canada’s economy from small businesses providing services to the oil fields to major pipelines and electric utilities. Memorable clients include:
 Financial Services Clients FINANCIAL SERVICES
Transparency, accountability, and risk management are inherent to our mapping, projectization and planning techniques. We have worked with banks, insurance companies, private equity and business incubators. Memorable clients include:
First Nations Clients FIRST NATIONS
Our culturally sensitive, alignment-building services lend themselves to community planning and collaboration. Memorable clients include:
We’ve made strategies clearer and more accessible for Federal and Provincial Governments and their agencies. We’ve improved their management processes and practices, facilitated stakeholder consultations and focus groups, and prioritized their project portfolios. Memorable clients include:
Health & Wellness Clients HEALTH & WELLNESS
Chinook’s clients range from sole-practitioner consultants to industry leaders in preventive health risk management, workforce wellness and integrative alternatives.Memorable clients include:
Municipalities and Counties typically operate in a world that is an “inch deep and a mile wide”; always with insufficient resources, and faced by the demands of being the ‘jurisdiction of last resort for services no longer provided by others. Memorable clients include:
Non-Profit Clients NOT-FOR-PROFITS
Not-For-Profits appear in many different guises – as large foundations, highly politicized NGO’s, small voluntary organizations, trade associations, etc.  Our clients appreciate our ability to build consensus, clearly articulate their intentions and get them more focused and streamlined. Memorable clients include:
Services & Technology Clients SERVICES & TECHNOLOGIES
The fast evolution in technology and service sectors demands clear, concise and modular planning as well as flexible, yet disciplined, execution practices. Memorable clients include:

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