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Is it raining where you are?

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Ride those winds of change!

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Facilitation, Coaching and Mentoring

Business Coaching in Red Deer, Calgary and Edmonton

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It’s surprising how often executive teams, made up of individually ‘successful’ leaders, fail. It’s almost as often as inexperienced individual business owners in smaller firms.

When diverse points of view and organizational vested interests intrude, groups of leaders frequently become unable to ‘pull together’ With the help of a neutral facilitator, and the motivation of an outcome-focused coach, they gain the ability to navigate the organizational minefield.

Similarly, individual leaders find the non-judgemental private advice of an outside mentor greatly increases both their batting average and their self-confidence.

We provide facilitation, mentoring, and coaching services in Edmonton, Red Deer and Calgary. Our assignments can target specific outcomes or they can be arranged on more flexible, ad-hoc, hourly basis.