Is it raining where you are?Ride those winds of change!Insert your

Is it raining where you are?

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Ride those winds of change!

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Financial Services Clients

Chinook’s Balanced Scorecard, projectization and planning techniques ensure transparency, clientuploads/Purchased Images/Fotalia/Fotolia_23777827_XS.jpgaccountability, and risk management requirements are present throughout client outcomes. We have worked with banks, insurance companies, private equity and business incubators. Memorable clients and projects include:

Conavi Bank (Colombia)
Vision Formulation & Balanced Scorecard Strategy Development

Farm Credit Canada
1) Integrated Strategic Planning Process Project, 2) Balanced Scorecard Strategy Mapping, 3) PMO Development Consultations, 4) IT Change Management Consultations

FBC Inc. (Farm Business Consultants)
1) Visioning, Strategy Mapping & Portfolio Development, 2) Progress Reviews, 3) Operationalization Consultations

Grupo BAL & Grupo Nacional Provincial SA (Mexico)
1) Balanced Scorecard Development, 2) Strategic Program Design, 3) Strategy Office (PMO) Development, 4) Project Governance Process Development, 5) Independent Program Review

Investment Saskatchewan
Strategy Clarification & Mapping

Suramerica (Colombia)
Balanced Scorecard Strategy Development & Executive Training