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Sam Samaddar, Airport Director at Kelowna International Airport

Lawrence is a visionary who brings strategy down to themes and objectives resulting in bottom line outcomes and practical solutions.

Ian Yeates, General Manager, Corporate Planning at SaskPowerClient Provided Feedback & Recommendations

Lawrence worked with me at SaskPower in developing, basically from the ground up, a strategic planning model for the corporation. Such planning in the past tended to be more of a budget/business plan and focused on engineering projects, rather than strategic per se. This is not untypical of the industry. Lawrence’s help in providing a model, via his “strategic DNA” approach, resonated with the Executive and formed the basis of the strategic planning approach we use to this day. Essential to the success of the implementation of the model with a sceptical audience was Lawrence’s personality, his ability to engage with the Executive team and his very evident enthusiasm and knowledge of the subject. His assistence was critical in making progress with the strategic planning process and he was a much valued consultant accordingly. I would unhesitatingly hire him again should the need arise for work in the strategic planning arena. Highly recommended.

Jim Paterson, Executive Director of Business Development at City of Kelowna

Lawrence skillfully assisted the City’s Leadership Team to define a strategy to achieve the City Manager’s ’BHAG’ of being the best mid-sized City. Lawrence helped define clarity alignment and purpose for the organization as a means to counteract a common issue with Public Sector Organizations; inadequate rigor in their project management systems ultimately resulting in “project chaos”. The City now makes use of Integrated Work Plans, Project Charters, and a Project Portfolio Manager to ensure that projects are approved and adequately resourced prior to launch.less

Bijan Mannani, Chief Operating Officer, Landmark Group of Builders

Lawrence was instrumental in pulling and engaging our senior management in discussions, guiding and maintaining their focus on topics, asking thought-provoking and difficult questions, coaching and facilitating sessions to ultimately arrive at clear, concise vision for the corporation, defining strategic objectives and project execution roadmap. Thank you Lawrence.

Susan Lea-Makenny, Consulting Physician at Inliv Inc.

Lawrence quickly helps business leaders identify key goals and focuses on key strategic initiatives to attain these. His “Strategic DNA” process breaks each initiative into steps that are manageable and measurable.

With our small business, he helped us achieve a focussed growth of over 300% in just 3 years, then helped us reassess and set a new and very succesful strategic focus. I highly recommend him.

Ken Wilson, Senior Vice President, Long Range Planning at Coril Holdings Ltd.

We hired Lawrence to help us fuse two strong, talented groups of people together into a single merged entity. The goal was to capture the strengths of each, avoid the weaknesses of either, and form a clear post-acquisition implementation strategy that everyone bought into. In achieving that he facilitated sometimes gruelling discussions that reconciled potentially divergent values, realigned long held ambitions and revealed a shared new mission, vision and strategy. It says much that he didn’t “lose” anyone in the process.

Steven Ibbotson, General Manager Farm Business Consultants Inc.

We engaged Lawrence to lead our strategic planning process with great results. He applied discipline and structure into our strategy planning process. He is a skilled facilitator that can lead a group from the idea stage to detailed action plans that make the vision a reality. I strongly recommend Lawrence for any planning project.

Anne Tartaglia, Vice President, Operations at CPP Inc.

I hired Lawrence to coach me on how to build a Strategy Map and then convey this to our executive team. Lawrence was extremely knowledgeable and patient. He quickly understood my goals and our company’s challenges and offered solutions that were very practical. He acted as my coach/mentor as much as he acted as my subject matter expert on strategy map design.

Greg Duncan, V.P. & Chief Engineering Officer at Aerosion Ltd.

I’ve had the pleasure to work with Lawrence Hobbs and the Chinook group on numerous occasions. Amidst a plethora of strategic consultants who often market little in the way of significant content, the services Lawrence provides measure as true and tangible substance.

Utilizing his developed and proven methodology, Lawrence has an extraordinary ability to quickly and efficiently facilitate client input, information and data, to then synthesize a broad and effective strategic vision. Combining broad industry experience in manufacturing and services, with an extensive background at the BOD and executive levels, he and his team can follow-on with rapid identification of concrete, tactical tasks and activities. Finally, with an ability to then frame this output in an executable project management context, his services can truly assist clients in achieving profitable objectives.

On a personal note, Lawrence possesses a quick and humorous wit and is an adept conversationalist as well. I’ve personally enjoyed all of the strategic and planning sessions spent with he and the Chinook group, and can highly recommend his services. For additional information, I also highly recommend his book, “Strategic DNA”.

Kellie Garrett, MC, ACC, ICD.D, Speaker ~ Coach ~ Strategist

I hired Lawrence Hobbs 10 years ago to help us put together a strategy map and execution plans. Our company had experienced significant growth and was on the cusp of revamping its business strategy. Lawrence is smart, personable and flexible. Sometimes an executive team wants to control the process (even if they aren’t knowledgeable about it 🙂 and Lawrence was unflappable and diplomatic during these types of discussions, but still didn’t let us veer off course.

During another engagement, Lawrence helped us to set up our first Project Management Office (PMO). His assistance was invaluable and I highly recommend him.less

David Snell, President at Ivrnet Inc.

Lawrence is a practical business consultant that focuses on delivering continual results, delivering value to his client quickly and consistently. He has a knack for identifying and understanding the root cause of organizational inefficiency, and a keen understanding of personal dynamics within an organization. Lawrence’s wealth of experience helps to identify not just issues, but solutions as well, which is ultimately the goal of any business engineering process.

Bruce Wood, Director of Operations at FBC, Canada’s Small Business Tax Specialist

Lawrence has facilitated 2 cycles of strategic planning sessions for our company. He is engaging and asks great questions which allowed us to crystalize our strategic plans. Lawrence’s approach of creating a visual plan made it easy to see how the pieces of a complex plan come together. I would recommend Lawrence to anyone looking to guide discussions and challenge thinking in the completion of a strategic plan.

Penny Longworth CHRP, HR Manager at Canadian Mountain Holidays

Lawrence facilitated strategic planning sessions at FBC while I was the Director of HR. He enabled the Executive Management Team at FBC to take the organization’s strategic goals and develop a short and long term road map to achieve them right down to the role and actions each department would contribute to support each goal. I would recommend Lawrence’s talents to any organization wanting to implement an action plan for today that aligns with long term goals of the business.

Kent Verlik, Executive Manager

Lawrence Hobbs did a masterful job helping our organization gain clarity, focus and alignment on our strategic plan. Through his ‘Strategic DNA’ process we were able to effectively execute the strategy by identifying and prioritizing the strategic and critical maintenance initiatives necessary to bring the strategic vision to life.

Kerry St.Cyr, SCM Lead – Marketing, Corporate Services, Site Services at MEG Energy Corp

Lawrence and I have worked together on a couple of occasions to develop strategic plans and I’ve found him to be an open and engaging team player who is unafraid to ask the direct question, but who is very intuitive in his understanding of situational dynamics.

As a colleague, I have enjoyed working with him and gained some very useful insights in the process. I would recommend Lawrence in any role – consultant or colleague – as he brings a lot to the table.

Allen Rupple, Principal… Enterprise Strategy & Planning at Daugherty Business Solutions

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Lawrence since the late 90’s. Lawrence is not only a great thinker, but he understands the strategy building process as he outstandingly exhibited within his book “Strategic DNA”. His vision, combined with his ability to understand the details required to translate the vision into actionable strategies were always thorough and thought provoking. He is a consummate professional, who builds relationships easily based on his collaborative demeanor as well as the level of respect he exhibits for all. What’s most distinguishing is Lawrence’s leadership and integrity, easily amongst the best I have ever worked with. I would relish working with Lawrence again as he is one of a kind.

Wayne Burns, CFO Western Feedlots

I have had the privilege to work with Lawrence on a few occasions over the past 12 years and without hesitation would recommend his services. Lawrence brings clarity and passion to the complexity of business planning.

His in-depth knowledge of the key disciplines required to formulate, visualize and execute strategy together with years of practical and diverse experience in all aspects of business translates into real tangible value for his clients.

Doug German, Instructor-Human Resources Program, Grant MacEwan University

Lawrence facilitated an Executive Team workshop at Alberta Education which tackled the issue of transformational change in the provincial education sector. Going into the workshop, the scale and scope of the initiative appeared daunting. The Strategy Map he produced was exquisitely complex and descriptive while seeming almost intuitively obvious. It was a memorable experience for me to work with Lawrence, and I hope the opportunity will arise to do so again.

Marian Donnelly, Provincial Coordinator, Culture Days at SaskCulture Inc.

Lawrence was the first person to introduce me to the Balanced Scorecard method of strategic planning. He was wonderful to work with, personable, intelligent and considerate of the needs of the company and its employees. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Lawrence again!

Karen Egan, Vice President, Human Resources & Learning and Development at Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission

Beginning in 2008, Lawrence Hobbs (Chinook Solutions) introduced the AGLC to strategy maps. This was a tremendous innovation for the AGLC a we progressed from having a generic mission and vision to a fully defined strateg
Lawrence also educated AGLC on the direct relationship between Strategic Planning and Project Management.y that articulated our desired end state and the organizational requirements to achieve it.

Amy McDonald, Principal of Under a Tree and Amy McDonald and Associates, LLC

“I worked with Lawrence as part of a strategic planning project that had to reconcile a client of mine at the time. They were a diverse group of stakeholders and Lawrence brought us all together to guide us to a shared strategy. He was very inclusive, somehow got everyone to give a little, as is so often needed, and when challenges arose he always seemed to have another approach to get us past the obstacle. I’d be happy to work with him again.”

Robin Stables, Financial Services Executive

I had the pleasure of working with Lawrence when I was a member of the executive management team of FBC. Lawrence facilitated FBC’s annual three day strategic planning session that built on a complex five year plan for the organization. Without question, Lawrence is one of the best strategic management consultants and facilitators that I have come across during my career. He brought structure, expert strategic planning knowledge, broad business acumen and a pragmatic approach to guiding a senior level team in developing a multi-year strategic road map. And in this regard, I highly recommend Lawrence.

Bruce Turner, Director of Advisory Services, International Property Tax Institute (IPTI)

Lawrence Hobbs is a pleasure to work with. He uses broad experience and applies a strategic mind and to find workable solutions. Lawrence helps define problems in terms of the client organization’s environment, thus enabling workable solutions and minimizing the impacts of disruptive factors.

Jennefer Brown, Controller at Enercore Projects Ltd. and at EC Y&V Projects Ltd.

Lawrence provided Strategic Planning Sessions for a new company. He has excellent knowledge and creative ideas. He brought the management team together and guided us along the way. Fun and interesting to work with, I would gladly work with Lawrence again if I have the opportunity.

Edward Wipf, VP Process and Business Develoment Comminution: HPGR’s,Crushers and Linatex Screens at Weir Minerals

It was my pleasure working with Lawrence in the development of the strategy and business plan for Aerosion Ltd.