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Is it raining where you are?

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Ride those winds of change!

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Municipality and County Clients

clientuploads/Purchased Images/Fotalia/Fotolia_40748968_XS.jpgMunicipalities and Counties typically operate in a world that is an “inch deep and a mile wide”; always with insufficient resources, and face by the demands of being the ‘jurisdiction of last resort’ for services no longer provided by others.

We are proud to have provided cost-effective and highly leveraged support to the West’s municipalities.

Memorable clients and projects include:

City of Calgary (Assessment)
1) Strategy Clarification & Mapping, 2) Initiative Prioritization Workshop

City of Kelowna
1) Corporate Priority (Strategic) Planning and Portfolio Development, 2) “Kickstart Kelowna” Active Community Strategy Formulation

City of Lethbridge Utilities
Performance Measurements for Contractual Services to Municipal Utilities

City of Regina
Project Management Training

County of Newell
Corporate Priority Identification & Management Retreat

Kelowna International Airport (YLW)
1) Vision Formulation & Strategy Mapping, 2) Strategy Update & Leadership Progress Review, 3) Project Governance Workshop, 4) Roles & Responsibilities Clarification Workshop

Regina Public Schools
Strategic Planning Team Training & Mentoring (Strategy Mapping & Performance Measurements)