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Is it raining where you are?

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Ride those winds of change!

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Since 1999 we have been helping our clients in Red Deer, Calgary and Edmonton realize their goals by injecting clarity, alignment and focus into their decisions and actions. We can reinforce your knowledge, expertise and experience to lead or support you as you tackle the management challenges that lie between you and your goals; even when you’re not quite sure what they are. Call on our resources when you want to…

clientuploads/Purchased Images/Fotalia/Fotolia_43319742_XS_A.gif PLAN FOR GROWTH
Growth planning begins with an assessment of current performance and emerging opportunities to identify the most promising strategies for growth. Once growth goals and related objectives are identified they can be pursued as a series or initiatives or integrated into business and operational plans to ensure they drive the company’s future.
clientuploads/Purchased Images/IStock/iStock_000007309956XSmall.jpg REFOCUS THE BUSINESS
Refocusing means managing the company’s change from its original goals to a new agenda. Such projects can range from a modest change, such as going after a new market geography, to a major strategy such as a wholesale transformation of the business.
clientuploads/Purchased Images/IStock/iStock_000009165208XSmall.jpg START-UP OR SPIN-OFF A NEW VENTURE
Creating a new business requires the development of a complete business plan from scratch and calls for a broad range of management skills and knowledge. This can be all the more difficult when you have the idea for the investment but do not yet have a business leader in place.
clientuploads/Purchased Images/Fotalia/Fotolia_45478849_XS_A - Copy.gif PRIORITIZE
Whether prioritizing strategic initiatives, operational projects, resource allocations, product opportunities, acquisition targets or target markets, the best prioritization decisions are made using clear and broadly agreed decision frameworks and a transparent, facilitated discussion that tables real issues, manages inevitable vested interests and secures broad based alignment with the final priorities.
clientuploads/Purchased Images/IStock/iStock_000010815997XSmall.jpg TURNAROUND A TROUBLED VENTURE
At Chinook Solutions “Turnaround” means using our analysis, planning, execution and facilitation expertise to return your troubled company, business investment, or major project to solvency.
clientuploads/Purchased Images/Fotalia/Fotolia_44620121_XS.jpg GET PEOPLE ALIGNED
Progress is always compromised when people aren’t pulling in the same direction. Efforts to align owner’s groups, management teams or entire workforces can be complex and challenging undertakings but the payoff, increased effectiveness and efficiency, less wasted or fruitless efforts, reduced conflict and improved harmony, can be enormous.
clientuploads/Purchased Images/Fotalia/Fotolia_24235789_XS.jpg IMPROVE PERFORMANCE
Performance improvement efforts can be as basic as management coaching, as focused as a Business Process Improvement project or as wide ranging as the introduction of Balanced Scorecard systems and practices throughout a company.
clientuploads/Purchased Images/IStock/iStock_000001198432XSmall.jpg MAKE A BUSINESS, STRATEGIC OR OPERATIONAL  PLAN
Whether its building basic forecast financial statements, preparing formal ducumentation or leading a complete planning process we have the experience to assist you with all your planning activities.
clientuploads/Purchased Images/IStock/iStock_000009321218XSmall.jpg PREPARE & PUBLISH BUSINESS DOCUMENTS
Chinook Solutions leverages the literary skills of our published consultants, our experience preparing key documents for our many clients and the capabilities of our book publishing division to prepare a wide variety of formal and informal business documents, proposal, plans, presentations, workbooks, etc.
clientuploads/Purchased Images/Fotalia/Fotolia_52995818_XS.jpg BRING IN A MANAGEMENT PINCH-HITTER
Our skilled consultants are available to temporarily ‘fill the shoes’ on a short term basis when recruitment efforts come up short yet the business needs to continue.
clientuploads/Purchased Images/Veer/Whiteboard meeting.JPG SOLVE A SPECIFIC PROBLEM
Unless it requires specialized skills training or licensed practitioners our consultants can usually help you solve any everyday business challenge.
clientuploads/Purchased Images/Fotalia/Fotolia_41988632_XS.jpg PROJECT CHARTERING
Usually a series of working sessions that develop preliminary, approved and comprehensive project charters as the understanding of the project clarifies.