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Is it raining where you are?

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Ride those winds of change!

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Process Improvement

clientuploads/Chinook Images/Process Map.pngBusiness Process Mapping and Improvement is a methodology that permits a business process to be described, better understood and adjusted.

It is a common technique for minimizing process time, resource consumption and errors and typically results in greater effectiveness, efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Process mapping and improvement efforts can range from short, highly focused interventions to long-term extensive re-engineering (BPR) efforts. They typically include one of more of the following stages:

  • Identify Processes, Scope of Work & Priority Sequence
  • Capture, Map & Clarify As-is Process(es)
  • Analyze & Identify Optimization Opportunities
  • Analyze & Identify Inter-Process Opportunities
  • Design, Map & Document To-be Processes
  • Test, Train and Implement Process Changes