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Project Portfolios

clientuploads/Purchased Images/Fotalia/Fotolia_41988632_XS.jpgSince 1999 we have helped countless leaders to discover the benefits and tackle the challenges of project portfolio management concepts.

We’ve nurtured them through the design and implementation of their first real portfolios, programs and PMO’s.

We’ve helped them design and implement decision models, definition tools, selection protocols, project evaluation and monitoring processes, PMOs and other portfolio management capabilities.

And we’ve done so with an inclusive, change enabling and highly-leveraged manner.

Our Project Portfolio Management methods address the processes, tools, techniques, and technologies used by leaders, project managers and project management offices to configure, manage and control a group of current and proposed projects. Its principal objectives are to:

  • enable project team performance
  • ensure each project in the portfolio satisfies a number of key criteria
  • determine the best resource mix for delivery
  • schedule major activities across projects to best achieve operational and financial goals
  • protect commitments to customers and other stakeholders
  • respect constraints imposed by strategic objectives and outside realities

Elements of PPM can be applied wherever an organization is trying to better govern decentralized project teams, tackle the common “too many projects” problem, spread resources a little thinner, or increase overall project success ratios. Our PPM approach addresses the five key knowledge areas of:

  • Portfolio Strategy, Prioritization & Selection
  • Portfolio Governance & Control
  • Portfolio Performance
  • Portfolio Communication
  • Portfolio Risk Management

Portfolio management is typically introduced or improved when a specific corporate objective must be met. This means that our portfolio management projects vary considerably depending upon the specific situation.