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Is it raining where you are?

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Ride those winds of change!

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Small and Mid-sized Business

clientuploads/Purchased Images/Fotalia/Fotolia_29572762_XS.jpgSmall & Mid-size Private Enterprises (SME) have to make quick decisions while struggling with strategic and operational challenges.

As they grow they expand beyond their founders’ core competencies and must continually develop (or recruit) new capabilities and capacities.

We develop long-term relationships that permit us to temporarily plug competency gaps, act as a trusted advisor and deliver affordable fee-for-service solutions.

Memorable clients and projects include:

Aerosion Ltd.
1) Strategic Planning, 2) Project Chartering, 3) Business Planning, 4) RFP Development

AXYS Environmental Consulting
PMO Best Practices Consultations

Foothills Health Consultants Ltd.
1) Strategy Formulation, 2) Strategic Business Plan Development, 3) Strategy Implementation & Organizational Development, 4) Executive Coaching, 5) Acquisition Consultations

Grupo ESE Manual Moderno (Mexico)
1) Strategy Clarification & Mapping, 2) Balanced Scorecard Development

Ivrnet Inc.
1) Strategy Clarification & Mapping, 2) PM Best Practices Consultations 3) Executive Coaching

ITS Global
Strategic Planning Offsite & Strategy Map Development

Kashoo Inc.
1) Vision Formulation & Strategy Mapping, 2) Action Plan Development

MacSema Inc.
Opportunity Assessment & Value Proposition Development

Kendrith Bentley & Associates
Strategy Formulation & Mapping

Midwest Surveys
Project Management Consultations

Platinum Systems Ltd.
Project Management Services

Trilogy-Net Inc.
Strategic Planning Offsite & Strategy Map Development

Landmark Group of Builders
1) Vision Formulation, 2) Strategy Clarification & Mapping, 2) Organizational Development Workshop

Western Feedlots Ltd.
Visioning, Strategy Mapping & Balanced Scorecard Development