Is it raining where you are?Ride those winds of change!Insert your

Is it raining where you are?

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Ride those winds of change!

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Happy Clients(Also see LinkedIn References)

“By following the Strategic DNA process, our small medical services practice was able to build on our core competencies, focus on our most important goals, and stay true to our strategy map without denying new opportunities. In this waywe grew our revenues 300% in 3 years.”
     Susan J. Lea, MD, CEO and Medical Director,
Foothills Health Consultants Ltd.

“Lawrence Hobbs, the principal for Chinook Solutions, provided exemplary client-focused services on three separate projects. His work was always of high quality and delivered within the time frames promised. Using his book Strategic DNA as a reference, he guided the City successfully through complex planning and project development processes. His work has had a lasting impactand we continue to build upon the plans and principles put in place through our work with him.I have no hesitation in recommending Lawrence Hobbs and Chinook Solutions to prospective clients.”
     David Graham, Director of Strategic Initiatives, The City of Kelowna

This is absolutely fabulous!  Where did we find you?!”
     Kellie Garrett, VP Strategy, Farm Credit Canada

“The process of developing a common vision, then creating specific, targeted strategies in a complex, diverse environment, is one of the key capabilities our management team gained when Lawrence coached us.”
     Dave Plett, President/CEO, Western Feedlots Ltd.

“Strategic DNA has proven to be a major breakthrough in addressing strategic planning in our organisation. It is an insightful and helpful process, which has enabled our Executive team to address our future in a meaningful and comprehensive fashion.”
     Gary Wilkinson, Vice President, Corporate Planning, SaskPower Corporation

“Many Balanced Scorecard projects seem to grind to a halt once the scorecard has been built. Strategic DNA is the only approach that I have seen that integrates, coherently and exhaustively, the Balanced Scorecard methodology with Project Management theory. Anyone frustrated by lack of progress in their scorecard implementations should find Strategic DNA very helpful.”
     Manuel Reta-Fernandez, MBA; formerly Strategy Management Officer for GNP Insurance
(a BSC Hall of Fame Organization)

“We have worked with Lawrence and reading Strategic DNA was like going through our entire business plan development all over again.  I found it to be a practical, self guided, user friendly book; you can focus on one area only or build an entire Strategy and Business Plan from scratch.  I particularly like the chapter structure…easy to follow and it made each piece of the strategy come to life for me. I had several Ahhh moments.”
     Kelly Blackshaw, Business Development Director, Foothills Health Consultants

“Now I know how much I don’t know.”
     Rachel Champagne, Communications Manager. Alberta College of Registered Nurses

“…it really helped me to see what we need to do.”
     Glenn Dynna, President, Munisoft

“…felt I needed something more than the generic courses and books I have been finding.  HALLELUJAH! YOU DID IT!!! – wow.”
    Susan Boulter, COO, MB Materials Distribution Agency

“…Intense but worth it.  It helps clear the smoke from what you’re trying to do.”
    Mike Zettler, IT Manager, Kleysen Group

“…breaks down seemingly difficult processes into manageable and understandable pieces…all well done, thanks.”
    Tim Tarala, Director of Education, Tisdale School District

“The best strategic planning seminar I ever attended”
    Joe van Koeverden, former CEO, SK Gaming Corp.

“…(my boss) may dislike the detail we are going to use from now on…but!”
    Pat Gartner, Manager of Program Review, City of Regina